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Velocity coaching in soccer: Learn how to develop this game-changer

Parts of velocity


Linear velocity efforts typically occur whereas athletes are already in movement. In soccer, linear runs don’t typically exceed 20m and “45% of purpose scoring situations are preceded by a linear dash,” stated Hyde.

Linear velocity is measured by straight-line distance over a time period. 

“Elite soccer gamers common 17m per dash, with forwards, wingers, and fullbacks performing extra linear sprints in comparison with centre midfielders and centre-backs,” defined Hyde.

“To get began, wall drills are a good way to make sure athletes develop the appropriate method. Athletes ought to drive their knees ahead with power and prolong absolutely on the hip.”

As soon as the correct method is adopted, shuttle runs will be included to work on linear acceleration to develop general velocity.


True change of path velocity in invasion sports activities is uncommon – 77% of change of path in soccer video games are at an angle of lower than 90°. Multidirectional velocity is related to curved angled sprints.

“Athletes who’re sooner in acceleration often have larger entry velocities into change of instructions, which can lead to slower exit velocities. Subsequently, it’s important for coaches to develop athletes’ eccentric energy, eccentric price of power, deceleration duties, and environment friendly method,” stated Hyde.

To develop multidirectional velocity, coaches can arrange sprints that contain numerous adjustments of path – cones and poles are useful in forcing athletes to vary path.


Deceleration efforts are extremely intense and must be managed and progressed fastidiously. In keeping with analysis, high-intensity decelerations happen extra typically than high-intensity accelerations in area sports activities.

“Deceleration generally is a very damaging talent and may result in accidents if carried out with incorrect method. When in-season, be very cautious when coaching deceleration talent improvement since athletes are uncovered to a number of these actions throughout video games,” defined Hyde.

YouTube is a good platform to create a wants evaluation in your athletes and comprises a wealth of content material from elite athletes who reveal finest follow (hips behind the ft to create breaking power), stated the main energy and conditioning coach.

High velocity

In video games, athletes hardly ever attain their high velocity – analysis reveals athletes attain on common 92% of their high velocity.

“Regardless of not reaching high velocity, athletes interact in frequent however transient exposures in the direction of 85-95% of most velocity. The purpose right here is to ‘bulletproof’ athletes’ hamstrings,” stated Hyde.

“Coaches shouldn’t focus an excessive amount of time on high velocity mechanics drills, as an alternative they need to incorporate drills within the context of game-specific actions by which acceleration and decelerations are frequent.”



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