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Vanier Scholarship for International students in Canada – Apply Now

Vanier Scholarship for International students is sponsored by the Canadian government with its aim to establish Canada as a hub for education and research. The Vanier scholarship is a postgraduate scholarship that is meant to attract the best doctoral students to Canada, the scholarship offers students financial support in their pursuit of a Ph.D. or MD/Ph.D. in Canada.

This program is fully backed by the Canadian government as it drives to make Canada a center for research and higher learning to increase the country’s competitiveness.

Host institutions

The Canadian government has partner Canadian institutions where the Vanier Canada graduate school scholarship is done. And the particular institution that nominated a candidate is where the candidate’s scholarship is tenable.

Eligible Fields

The PhD program can be taken in the following :

  • Health  Science
  • Engineering research
  • Social  Science
  • Social Science
  • Humanities

All eligible programs must contain good research components that most lead to the completion of a thesis, the main research project, dissertation, scholarly publications, performance, and recital.

Joint research programs. For those who have professional degrees and clinically oriented programs like psychology. They are all eligible if they have an adequate research component.

The number of Vanier Scholarships

There are up to 166 positions available.

Target Group

The people who are eligible are Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada, and foreign citizens.

Value of the Scholarship

The Vanier scholarship is $50,000 for the 3 years it is to last.

Eligibility for Vanier Scholarships

The prestigious awards are designed to give Canada a lead and be a go-to place for the best research minds. To select the best from a large pool, the scholarship has some criteria that must be met before one is considered. To stand a chance, you must ;

  1. Be nominated by a Canadian institution of higher learning which must have received a Vanier quota.
  2. The candidate must be pursuing his or her first doctorate degree including a joint program such as an MD/Ph.D. in an area with a significant research component. The program will only fund the Ph.D. part of a joint program.
  3. The students intend to study for a full-time doctorate in the summer semester or the next academic year following  the announcement of the results at the nominating institution.

4. Applicants must not have completed more than 20 MONTHS OF doctoral studies as of May 2021.

5. Must have not completed more than 32 months of full-time studies in their doctoral program by May 2021if they were accelerated from a bachelor’s program into a Ph.D. program.

6. Must have received a first-class average in the last two years of full-time studies of its equivalent.

6. Candidates must not hold or have held a doctoral-level scholarship or fellowship from CIHR, NSERC or SSHRC to undertake or complete a doctoral degree.

How to apply for Vanier Scholarships

The first to remember is that each candidate must be nominated by a Canadian institution that has a veneer quota. As no candidate is free to apply directly to the Vanier CGS program.

Applications can actually be done in one of two ways. The student can inform the faculty of graduate  studies at the institute they want to undertake the program about their intention to apply to Lanier CGS or the institution can initiate the process by contacting the candidate.

The application is prepared by the students and submitted to the institution to use for the nomination using the ResesearchgateNet application system. The recommending institutions then forward the application to the Vanier-Banting secretariat by 3 November 2020.

Please visit the official Vanier scholarship website for more information.


The Vanier scholarship assists successful candidate to complete their Postgraduate programs and contributes to knowledge.

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