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The Most Enticing Feminine Physique Composition (Muscle, Fats & Proportions) — Bony to Bombshell

We’ve been getting requests to conduct analysis on feminine attractiveness for over ten years now. And we’ve lastly achieved it! We surveyed 1,072 males, asking them to price various quantities of muscle and physique fats, in addition to which proportions they most well-liked and what muscle groups they discovered most engaging. We additionally surveyed 394 ladies, asking them how a lot muscle they wished to construct, their preferrred body-fat share, and what muscle groups they wished to emphasise of their coaching. Lastly, we surveyed ladies who’re drawn to ladies.

In contrast to with male our bodies, the place women and men most well-liked totally different physiques, women and men tended to agree on which feminine our bodies they had been drawn to. All of the teams we surveyed voted for a similar levels of muscularity and leanness and most well-liked the identical proportions. There was additionally a variety of our bodies that had been thought of engaging, with most physique sorts most well-liked by a minimum of a small share of individuals.

On this article, we reply just a few questions:

  • How muscular is essentially the most engaging feminine physique?
  • What’s essentially the most atttractive feminine body-fat share?
  • What muscle groups and proportions do males discover most engaging?
  • Do males choose thicker thighs?
  • Do males choose greater butts?
  • Do males choose thinner ladies?
  • How do males really feel about beauty surgical procedure?

Illustration of an athletic woman flexing her biceps.

Introduction: The Survey

Shane illustrated a wide range of feminine our bodies. We used these illustrations to survey over a thousand males, asking them which of these our bodies they discovered most engaging. Then we surveyed our feminine publication, asking them what their dream our bodies had been. Lastly, we surveyed ladies who’re drawn to ladies, seeing what our bodies different ladies discover most engaging. Life determined to go straightforward on us, and the ladies who had been drawn to ladies tended to choose the identical our bodies that girls wished to construct.

We centered on issues that may be influenced by eating regimen and train, similar to physique fats, muscle mass, and muscle proportions. We had been much less all in favour of body-fat distribution, muscle insertions, and bone construction (similar to hip, waist, and shoulder width).

This survey is the fourth we’ve achieved. Within the first and second surveys, we requested ladies which male our bodies they discovered most engaging. In the third survey, we requested homosexual males which male our bodies they most well-liked. As we collected solutions from ladies, we had a lot of them asking us to do a survey about ladies’s our bodies, too. These are the outcomes of that survey.

The thought is to arm our shoppers with sensible info they’ll use within the fitness center. Ladies who need to construct a beautiful physique can see what males choose. And as power coaches, we will use your solutions to make muscle-building applications that line up higher together with your objectives.

When working the survey, the our bodies weren’t labelled or ordered. We tried our greatest to not ask main questions or bias the solutions. For instance, we requested, “Which physique do you discover most engaging?” after which confirmed them this unfold:

Survey illustration showing varying degrees of female muscularity.

Notice that we concentrate on serving to folks construct muscle. Many of the women and men who stuffed out the survey are all in favour of health and vitamin. The overwhelming majority of them are between the ages of 18 and 39. This doesn’t line up completely with the final inhabitants. It could possibly be, for example, that as a result of the common man is obese, he prefers ladies with a decrease or larger body-fat share.

We requested just a few totally different questions. First, we requested males to decide on which our bodies they discovered most engaging. Then we requested them to pick all the our bodies they discovered engaging. In some circumstances, that produced fascinating outcomes. For instance, many males most well-liked the physique with large glutes—this was the most engaging physique. And but, the balanced physique was rated as engaging by a higher share of males—this was the physique that was engaging to the most individuals.

The Most Enticing Feminine Physique

How Muscular Ought to a Lady Get?

The primary query checked out how muscle mass influenced attractiveness. Once we carried out the survey, these our bodies weren’t labelled or ordered. However to make the outcomes simpler to speak about, I’ve labelled them as skinny, athletic, robust, and very robust.

Survey results showing the amount of muscle that men prefer on a woman's body.

Most women and men rated the “robust” physique as essentially the most engaging, and most ladies listed it as their aim physique. The “athletic” physique got here in a detailed second, scooping up nearly all the remaining votes. We additionally requested males to pick all the our bodies they discovered engaging, at which level the “athletic” physique pulled barely forward. It’s the physique that’s engaging to the widest number of folks.

As we talked about above, although, there was a wider unfold of preferences right here than with our different surveys. Once we surveyed ladies about which male our bodies they discovered engaging, a number of the male our bodies obtained 0 votes. However with ladies’s our bodies, even the least well-liked possibility had 62 males saying they discovered it essentially the most engaging.

Survey results showing the amount of muscle that men found most attractive in women.

We requested the identical query once more, this time exhibiting a aspect view. Once more, the “athletic” and “robust” our bodies had been rated as essentially the most engaging by males and as preferrred by ladies. On this case, although, the athletic physique pulled barely forward of the robust physique. (Besides for ladies who had been drawn to ladies. Most of them voted for the robust physique.) Once more, although, it was a detailed race. The takeaway, I feel, is that wherever within the athletic—robust vary is equally engaging.

Lastly, we requested males how robust they wished their important different to be. The most well-liked reply was “stronger than common.” And after we requested ladies how robust they wished to be, they too wished to be stronger than common. (Notice that the order of the questions was randomized, so some folks had been requested this query earlier than being proven any images.)

The excellent news is that an athletic “stronger than common” diploma of muscularity is practical and wholesome for most ladies. Even naturally skinny ladies ought to be capable of achieve that quantity of muscle and power. Neither males nor ladies selected essentially the most muscular physique, and fortunately so, as a result of few ladies may naturally obtain that diploma of muscularity!

What Physique-Fats Share Is Most Enticing?

Subsequent, we confirmed a wide range of totally different body-fat percentages, asking folks which diploma of leanness they most well-liked. The leanest possibility had chiselled abs and clear muscle definition, which is unrealistic for most ladies to keep up and might generally end in issues, similar to amenorrhea. The second possibility was on the decrease finish of the wholesome vary, exhibiting a match and athletic physique. The third possibility was on the larger finish of the wholesome vary, on the verge of being obese. The ultimate possibility was obese.

Survey results showing the most attractive body-fat percentage for women.

We anticipated the athletic physique to be rated as essentially the most engaging and most well-liked physique, and it was. It received by a landslide. However to our shock, the “lean” physique outperformed the “common” physique by a small quantity. We didn’t count on that. It’s all the time laborious to say, and genetics actually play a big function right here, however the common physique in all probability represents higher well being than the leanest one.

The excellent news is that even essentially the most engaging quantity of physique fats is practical for most ladies. It’s not so lean as to be unhealthy or unrealistic to keep up, particularly for ladies who’re naturally thinner. I believe the “athletic” physique is roughly 25% physique fats, give or take 5%.

The opposite excellent news is that even the least well-liked possibility obtained twenty votes, which means that some males discovered it essentially the most engaging physique sort of all.

What Muscle Proportions Are Most Enticing?

After that, we decided what muscle proportions males discovered most engaging and ladies had been most keen to construct. The primary query was a easy side-by-side exhibiting a girl with a bigger higher physique and evaluating her towards a girl with a bigger decrease physique:

Survey results showing that men prefer women with strong upper bodies.

These our bodies are the 2 top-rated physiques (“athletic” and “robust”) with their higher and decrease our bodies switched. The lady with the extra muscular higher physique received, and I suppose I do know why: it seems to be extra balanced. The lady on the left seems to be like she could wrestle with full-body lifts, similar to squats and deadlifts, as a result of an absence of upper-body power. Maybe she’d additionally wrestle with lifting issues in her day-to-day life. The lady on the appropriate won’t be capable of leg press or hip thrust as a lot, however her higher physique power doesn’t seem like a limiting issue. In consequence, the lady with a stronger higher physique seems to be stronger total.

Survey results showing that men prefer women who are strong everywhere but have bigger glutes/butts.

Subsequent, we confirmed a diffusion of ladies with various proportions, this time from a aspect view. The “balanced” physique was engaging to the widest number of males, however the physique with a proportionally greater butt was ranked essentially the most engaging. The physique with the larger butt was additionally ranked because the aim physique by essentially the most ladies. So it appears there’s some reality to the concept that it’s engaging to construct a proportionally greater butt, however provided that you additionally have a robust higher physique.

We didn’t simply depend on the illustrations, although. We additionally requested just a few questions. (The order of the questions was randomized, so some individuals had been requested the questions earlier than being proven the illustrations.) First, we requested if ladies ought to be equally robust in every single place or if they need to emphasize particular muscle groups.

  • 55% of males stated that girls ought to be equally robust in every single place.
  • 58% of ladies stated they wished to emphasise some muscle groups.

Then we requested if a girl has to emphasise one thing, what muscle ought to she give attention to?

  • 57% of males stated ladies ought to give attention to their glutes.
  • 51% of ladies stated they wished to give attention to their glutes.

Once we requested males which train ladies ought to give attention to, the overwhelming majority stated both squats, hip thrusts, or deadlifts, all of that are nice for constructing a much bigger butt. Squats and deadlifts take pleasure in being nice for growing total power. Hip thrusts take pleasure in isolating the glutes fairly nicely, giving them even higher emphasis.

Ladies primarily wished to give attention to hip thrusts and glute bridges. Squats and deadlifts had been much less well-liked; the opposite compound lifts had been even much less so.

So, total, should you wished to construct a maximally engaging physique, you’d purpose to be robust in every single place, with maybe a bit of additional emphasis in your butt. To do that, you’d comply with a balanced hypertrophy program that features each squats and deadlifts (together with chin-ups, push-ups, rows, and so forth). Then, on the finish of your exercises, should you wished, you possibly can add in some further glute bridges or hip thrusts to provide your butt much more emphasis.

Skinny Versus Skinny-Fats—Which is Extra Enticing?

Subsequent, we took a photograph of a “skinny” physique and in contrast it towards the picture of a “skinny-fat” physique. The thought was to maintain the muscle mass roughly the identical however carry the BMI as much as a wholesome weight by including fats. The thin-fat physique was rated extra engaging by males and extra fascinating by ladies:

Survey results showing that being skinny-fat is more attractive than being thin.

As with all these questions, we’re looking for a sensible path ahead for our naturally skinny readers. It appears that evidently for ladies who’re underweight, bringing their BMI up into the wholesome vary is the very best first step. Clearly the aim is to realize largely muscle, however even should you mess it up and wind up gaining largely fats, it will probably nonetheless have a optimistic affect in your look.

I hope this takes away a number of the nervousness surrounding bulking. It’s unlikely {that a} naturally skinny lady may ever construct a lot muscle as to change into “cumbersome,” and even gaining some fats doesn’t are likely to hurt look, supplied they keep throughout the wholesome vary.

Do Males Choose Ladies Who Get Beauty Surgical procedure?

Cassandra has many mates getting beauty surgical procedure (similar to breast implants and nostril jobs) or therapies (similar to Botox). She’s generally questioned whether or not she “ought to” be getting work achieved. As an illustration, being pregnant and breastfeeding can change the looks of breasts. “Ought to” she be getting breast implants to “repair” them? If everybody else is doing it, it will probably create a sense a societal stress.

Males really feel the same stress to be lean and muscular, and 9% of our male readers stated they had been contemplating taking steroids. They fearful they wouldn’t be capable of construct a beautiful physique with out them. However after we requested ladies what they thought, 99.5% of them stated they most well-liked males who didn’t take steroids. 80% of ladies stated they wouldn’t even think about courting a man who took steroids. Plus, ladies rated the extra pure male our bodies as being extra engaging.

With beauty surgical procedure, the therapies are authorized, and the affect on basic well being isn’t as easy because the downsides of taking steroids (or TRT or SARMs). As with the whole lot, we aren’t attempting to say what folks “ought to” do. However when it appears like there’s a societal stress to get beauty surgical procedure, we predict it will probably assist to a minimum of know what that societal stress actually is.

On this case, 88% of males stated they’d choose if their important different didn’t get breast implants. 93% of males stated they’d choose if their important different didn’t get another beauty therapies. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of males additionally stated that no matter a girl chooses, it received’t be a dealbreaker. (That is in distinction to 80% of ladies saying they’d by no means date a man who took steroids.)

Once we requested our feminine readers what they thought, 15% had gotten breast implants and 19% had been contemplating getting breast implants. With beauty surgical procedure/therapies total, nearly all of ladies have had work achieved or are contemplating it.

Is Cellulite Unattractive?

One other widespread concern we hear from our shoppers and readers is cellulite. Some ladies have already got it and need to do away with it. Others are fearful that in the event that they attempt to achieve weight, they could develop seen cellulite. And after we surveyed ladies, 68% stated they didn’t need to have any seen cellulite.

Once we requested males what they thought of cellulite, 56% of them both stated they didn’t care, didn’t discover, or discovered cellulite engaging. That’s not an amazing majority, however it does present that most males don’t thoughts in case you have cellulite. It comes down purely to your individual private desire.

Abstract: The Most Enticing Feminine Physique

These outcomes are fascinating to me as a result of it appears that evidently each women and men choose the identical feminine our bodies. That wasn’t true after we surveyed males. On all questions, males wished to be fairly a bit leaner and extra muscular than ladies most well-liked. However when taking a look at ladies’s our bodies, it appears that evidently each sexes choose ladies who look match, wholesome, and athletic.

The opposite fascinating factor is that despite the fact that most males choose ladies who look robust and wholesome, on each single query we requested, there have been a minimum of just a few males who most well-liked each physique sort. So it doesn’t matter what you seem like now, there are some males who suppose you look completely killer.

Survey results showing that men find women who are fit, healthy, strong, and athletic as the most attractive.

When you’re in search of particular objectives, consider a body-fat share within the mid-twenties (give or take 5%) that feels snug and wholesome to keep up. (When you really feel completely hungry and fantasize about meals, that may be an indication that you simply aren’t consuming sufficient.) Consider lifting weights, rising regularly stronger, and never being afraid to realize weight/muscle. For most ladies who aren’t taking performance-enhancing medicine, it’s unattainable to change into “too” robust, so don’t be afraid to see what you’re really able to. As for proportions, consider doing all of the compound lifts with equal fervour—variations of chin-ups, push-ups, deadlifts, and squats. In order for you extra, think about including in a bit of additional isolation work to your glutes, similar to doing a little further hip thrusts.

Alright, that’s it for now. When you appreciated this text, I feel you’d love our muscle-building publication. We’ll hold you updated on all the most recent muscle-building info for ladies. Or, if you need us to stroll you thru the method of constructing muscle, together with educating you the lifts, providing you with a full exercise program, an entire eating regimen information, a recipe ebook, and on-line teaching, take a look at our Bony to Bombshell Program.

Shane Duquette is the co-founder of Outlift, Bony to Beastly, and Bony to Bombshell, and has a level in design from York College in Toronto, Canada. He is gained sixty kilos at 11% physique fats and has over ten years of expertise serving to over 10,000 skinny folks construct muscle, get stronger, and achieve weight.

Cassandra González Duquette is an authorized nutritionist (CNP) who studied on the Institute of Holistic Diet in Toronto, Canada. She’s personally gained 22 kilos, going from 97 as much as 119 kilos.



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