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Summer season Hydration Ideas for Athletes

With the top of college comes summer season and fall sports activities, which for Arizonians, means exercising in 100-degree temperatures throughout their coaching applications. Throughout this time, it’s particularly vital for athletes and bodily remedy sufferers to remain hydrated for efficiency and security.

Most Frequent Signs of Dehydration

Water regulates your physique temperature in addition to lubricates your joints. It helps transport vitamins to offer you vitality and preserve you wholesome. In athletes, extreme instances of dehydration may cause post-extreme endurance syndrome or PEES. Signs of PEES embody decreased physique temperature, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, complications, muscle cramps, and an lack of ability to maintain fluids down. So as to keep away from dehydration, it’s essential that athletes drink loads of fluids earlier than, throughout, and after their coaching.

Throughout each wholesome work out, an athlete loses physique weight as a consequence of water loss by means of sweating. Nevertheless, when sure thresholds are met and handed, the lack of water weight begins to have a unfavorable affect in your exercise.

Methods to Stop Dehydration

When athletes expertise a lack of two % physique weight throughout train they may start to exhibit decreased efficiency. At three %, athletes shall be at an elevated threat of creating warmth exhaustion and accidents. Due to these unfavorable penalties, the aim is to maintain dehydration beneath two %.

To assist assist an athlete in these efforts, athletes can calculate their sweat fee or the quantity of fluid misplaced throughout exercises. The everyday sweat fee ranges from one to 3 liters per hour.

Methods to Calculate Sweat Price:

  1. Weigh your self earlier than train (nude is finest)
  2. Exercise for one hour
  3. Drink a measured quantity of fluid throughout a exercise
  4. Don’t urinate throughout a exercise
  5. Weigh your self once more following exercise (nude is finest)

Upon getting the info, it’s time for some basic math:

  1. Pre-exercise body weight – post-exercise physique weight = Change in physique weight (one pound of fluid loss is the same as 16 ounces)
  2. Change in physique weight (one pound of physique weight is the same as 16 ounces) + quantity of fluid consumed = sweat fee for one hour of train

Figuring out your sweat fee is a unbelievable instrument to keep away from dehydration, particularly on this warmth. Contact us at Foothills Sports activities Drugs Bodily Remedy and schedule an appointment at a location close to you for all of your bodily remedy wants.

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