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Components Assessment – GlycerSize

GlycerSize (formally referred to as GlycerPump) is a steady type of 65% glycerol powder which provides enhanced hydration, elevated stamina, and full saturated muscle tissues.

Glycerol has been utilized in sports activities dietary supplements for some time now, and though its advantages are robust to query, it at all times had one difficulty… turning pre-workout very clumpy… till now.

The patented and superior type of glycerol complement in GlycerSize offers all the advantages with out the irritating clumping of all earlier types of the compound.

Firstly what truly is Glycerol?

Glycerol is a naturally-occurring trihydroxy (three hydroxyl group) sugar alcohol that’s an intermediate in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. It’s additionally used as a pharmaceutical agent, sweetening agent, emollient, and solvent and might be present in every thing from air care merchandise to explosive supplies.

You might have heard or not it’s known as 1,2,3-Trihydroxypropane, 1,2,3-propanetriol, Glycerin or Glycerine

How does it work?

When consuming Glycerol, it has an rising impact on cardio energy it’s because it accumulates in physique fluids, besides these discovered within the eyes and mind, rising osmotic strain and the full quantity of water within the physique.

It may also be used as an vitality substrate, and if consumed in massive sufficient portions, might contribute to the vitality yield throughout coaching.

When glycerol is consumed it’s quickly absorbed by the physique and distributed between fluid compartments earlier than being metabolised by the liver and kidneys. If it’s consumed together with a hefty quantity of fluid, osmotic strain will increase which helps your physique retain that enormous quantity of fluid and results in the growth of varied fluid areas within the physique. This creates a state of being absolutely hydrated, which is of nice profit to athletes, significantly endurance athletes.

Advantages of Glycerol Supplementation for Athletes?

Mostly present in pre-workout dietary supplements. It’s been proven to do the next

  • Improves hydration
  • Decreases urine output and free-water clearance
  • Higher endurance
  • Reduces “thermal burden” of train within the warmth
  • Decreases coronary heart fee throughout train
  • Longer time to exhaustion
  • Improves cardio and anaerobic energy and efficiency
  • Asteticic enchancment by means of fuller muscle tissues

Moreover GlycerSize what different types of Glycerol are there?

Earlier than GlycerSize there have been different types of glycerol getting used. Right here is why it is best to keep away from them and persist with dietary supplements which have GlycerSize.

Glycerol Monostearate

When it first began getting utilized in sports activities dietary supplements it was often within the type of glycerol monostearate (GMS). GMS consists of glycerol and stearic acid, which solely about 25% most was glycerol.

On account of high-fat content material of GMS it didn’t actually dissolve effectively, usually leaving glycerol lumps on the perimeters of their shakers. One other drawback with the high-fat content material of GMS is poor stability (as a consequence of its hygroscopic nature) and brief shelf life. The tip consequence was many types of GMS in dietary supplements that solely contained 5 to 12% glycerol by weight, in order to stop degradation.


This result in the creation of the primary high-yield type of glycerol known as HydroMax. Initially, HydroMax boasted improved stability, elevated shelf-life, and a larger quantity of glycerol by weight (65%). Nonetheless, whereas yielding higher efficiency advantages than GMS it shared its primary flaw an excessive amount of clumping. This led to the event of the most recent type of glycerol — one that may finally tackle the annoying clumping and repair the chalky textures that dietary supplements had when dosed with excessive quantities of HydroMax…

Enter GlycerSize?

GlycerSize, yielding 65% glycerol giving improved stability, elevated shelf life, and higher style and texture making it one of the best type of glycerol in the marketplace.

You will see it in doses of 1-3g however it should inevitably be discovered at greater does similar to Citrulline is now seen in 6-8g per serving.

In case you’re considering making an attempt it out for your self, try CSN’s GlycerSize+ or one of many listed dietary supplements beneath

GlycerSize Dietary supplements



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