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clicking/creaking coming from fork or headset (8 12 months outdated RockShox Revelation fork)

Hello..I’ve an 8 12 months outdated Trek Treatment 7 with the unique RockShox Revelation fork. It has been garaged for many of these years and this 12 months i have been utilizing it so much on singletrack MTB trails. Only in the near past the fork or one thing close to the fork immediately began creaking/clicking…appears like a fingernail tapping on glass when the fork compresses the primary 10 millimeers. It is fixed whenever you’re rolling over little bumps and chatters when going over a wood slat bridge. WHat do you assume it may very well be? I am not discounting the potential of it coming from the headset however I believe it is the fork.It appears loudest on the downtube as if it is within the body. Could possibly be coming from the fork and reverberating contained in the body.




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