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An uncommon case of Monkeypox virus transmission by needlestick harm

In a current examine revealed within the U.S. Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention journal Rising Infectious Ailments, researchers described an uncommon case of patient-to-healthcare employee (HCW) monkeypox virus (MPXV) transmission by way of a needlestick harm that occured in Brazil.

Analysis Letter: Monkeypox Virus Transmission to Healthcare Employee by means of Needlestick Harm, Brazil. Picture Credit score: FOTOGRIN / Shutterstock


A current examine reported just one case of MPXV transmission in healthcare services to an HCW, doubtless by means of contact with contaminated bedding. Earlier, nonendemic international locations had solely sporadic zoonotic or travel-associated monkeypox outbreaks. Human-to-human or animal-to-human MPXV transmission was uncommon even in Africa earlier than 2022. Nonetheless, throughout Could–September 2022, over 64,000 MPXV circumstances worldwide, primarily by way of sexual contact, have been recorded.

In regards to the examine

Within the current examine, researchers described medical options of MPXV an infection in a 20-year-old feminine nurse after a needlestick harm she sustained on July 9, 2022. The nurse was amassing discardable supplies sporting private protecting tools (PPE) when a needle perforated her glove; the puncture web site was evident instantly. The researchers collected blood, pores and skin lesion samples, and oropharyngeal samples from the contaminated nurse to check for MPXV deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA).

The supply of MPXV an infection was a 20-year-old male affected person. Two weeks earlier than the needlestick incident, he contracted a light monkeypox an infection. His medical signs encompassed ache within the throat, cervical lymphadenopathy, and pores and skin lesions on the face, torso, and groin. The authors acquired consent from each the affected person and nurse for this report.

Timeline of symptoms and testing in a case of MPXV transmission to healthcare worker through needlestick injury, Brazil. All collected specimens had RT-PCR detectable MPXV through hospital discharge. Numerals inside squares indicate RT-PCR cycle threshold values. MPXV, monkeypox virus; RT-PCR, reverse transcription PCR.

 Timeline of signs and testing in a case of MPXV transmission to healthcare employee by means of needlestick harm, Brazil. All collected specimens had RT-PCR detectable MPXV by means of hospital discharge. Numerals inside squares point out RT-PCR cycle threshold values. MPXV, monkeypox virus; RT-PCR, reverse transcription PCR.

Examine findings

All of the specimens collected from the nurse had detectable MPXV DNA throughout the whole period of hospitalization, but, she was transferred into outpatient care earlier than lesion decision. This case gave a much-needed sneak peek into the pure development of MPXV an infection by enabling the researchers to review medical and laboratory outcomes of various illness phases. MPXV, on this case, had an incubation interval of 5 days. First, the affected person skilled ache and irritation on the harm web site after which developed a cutaneous lesion. Basic illness signs, together with fever and lymphadenopathy, appeared later.

Regarding the variety of pores and skin lesions, the nurse had seven lesions, with three on her face, one on the thumb (inoculation web site), right-hand palm, left-hand dorsal aspect, and left thigh. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of her harm web site on day 15 confirmed a neurovascular bundle and subcutaneous irritation. Moreover, the authors famous that the bizarre needlestick MPXV transmission abrogated a prodromal part within the HCW. It was much like chunk or scratch MPXV transmission from contaminated animals to people.

Most sufferers who purchase MPXV by sexual contact have extreme anorectal ache. Likewise, the nurse skilled extreme harm web site ache, indicating that painful lesions and neural impairment begins on the major MPXV inoculation web site, as noticed within the nurse’s MR photos. Furthermore, the researchers detected MPXV DNA within the nurse’s blood pattern on day 8 of an infection, earlier than the looks of pores and skin lesions at distant websites, indicating hematogenous MPXV dissemination. One other retrospective examine of MPXV antiviral remedy equally detected MPXV DNA in a affected person’s blood after 14 days, after pores and skin lesions had resolved.

There isn’t a rationalization of how detectable MPXV DNA correlates with true viremia. Nonetheless, persistent detection of MPXV DNA factors to its bloodborne transmission by way of needlesticks, blood transfusions, and organ transplants. The authors additionally constantly detected viral DNA within the oropharyngeal samples of HCW, though the effectivity of the droplet or airborne transmission of MPXV stays unknown.


As a result of a shortage of documented circumstances of needlestick monkeypox transmission, the researchers couldn’t touch upon MPXV transmission threat. Nonetheless, this case factors out that devices used on cutaneous lesions doubtless pose a excessive threat. Smallpox vaccination was discontinued in Brazil after 1979, and smallpox or monkeypox vaccines are unavailable in Brazil as but. The World Well being Group (WHO) recommends pre-and post-exposure prophylaxis, together with vaccination of HCWs on precedence with a second or third-generation vaccine (when accessible). Notably, a vaccine towards MPXV could possibly be given even after 4 days of viral publicity.

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