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Can eCommerce marketing automation take your business to the next level? Read on to find out.

When you open an online shop you have stepped into the arena to compete with the largest retailer in the world – Amazon.

Amazon has the biggest variety of products, a wide range of delivery options, tens of thousands of suppliers and all the resources in the world to crush you even before you get started.

Yet with all this, Amazon hasn’t been able to keep eCommerce down. Many online marketers have turned to it because there is huge potential there, and if done right, it can bring in tens of thousands of dollars of revenue each month. What is the secret to success?

One of the things that these marketers are doing is using eCommerce marketing automation tools. These are tools that allow you to work faster and better to deliver the products your customers are looking for and provide a winning customer experience.

Before we get into the automation tools, let’s take a moment to understand automation and the value it can deliver.

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